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Why should you invest in Real Estate in Budapest ?

Budapest offers much more favorable prices, than the neighboring country's main cities, like Vienna and Bratislava. However in recent years the city began to develop  very fast. A new No 4. Metro line has been built. A lot of public places were renovated, like parks, squares, buildings,  bridges, etc. Most of the major luxury brands opened stores. All these make Budapest more attractive for visitors.
Each year the number of tourists are increasing, many of whom prefer to stay in city apartments rather than hotels.

The Hungarian National Bank interest rates are at an all time low, which encourages people to invest in properties rather than keeping their money in the bank. In a couple of years property prices expected to rise.

Most of the multinational companies have offices in Budapest, so the letting market is also booming.

Why you shoud choose us:

Our office has extensive experience in the renting field, so we are perfectly aware of the current market conditions.We know  what is the ROI ( Return on Investment), which areas and what  are the best prices to buy. We will save you time and money, if you entrust us. There is no need to contact other Realtors,  since every realtor operates from the same source of database in Hungary.

How much is the Real Estate transfer tax?

- After signing the purchase contract the buyer is obliged to pay transfer tax after the purchase price of the property which is currently 4%.

If you are seeking legal advice, or you have any other  questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ! Our bilingual colleagues will be happily  at your service.

 Thank you!

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