This is the time to make a big decision in your life. You applied for a job in a  country you do not know much about. It is Budapest, Hungary. You would like to know if you would like to take the job or not you want to settle down or not. You are coming to Budapest this weekend.

We can show you the possibilities in Budapest  ( international schools, services close to your future working place etc) and help you in your decision making through our Orientation tour.

Upon request we can organize for you and your family a full program:

1. Picking you up at the airport at arrival and transporting you there at departure

2. Searching for the short term accommodation, in case you decide you need more time to find your dream home

3. Describing the main sights of the city ( upon request we escort you to these places by car)

4. As part of our tour, after assessing your needs, we present to you the possible schools, preschools, properties, and neighborhoods, explaining their advantages and disadvantages, this way helping you make a better decision

For more information and about the package price please contact us in e-mail or mobile phone.




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